We are Finalists….

Today we received the fabulous news that we have been chosen as one of ‘The Professional Beauty Awards 2022’ Finalists.

The moment we heard our name

Sadly we were not all together to hear the news but we called Charlene immediatly to let her know.

This year has been a very hard year for us, what with my leg not healing, Charlene sadly losing her daddy suddenly, my dad checking in more than i would like to QA and our beautiful Bex also having struggles.

However we are a team and will continue to carry each other when ever we need to and thats what makes us so special.

We must also be grateful that although we are having a hard year…. there are those in Ukraine who are going through far worse than any of us.💙💛

So on a positive note, we thank all our amazing clients for supporting us. Without you we would not be able to celebrate the awards we are winning. Now all we have to do is keep everything crossed 🤞. However if we do not get to collect the main prize, we are still Winners because we have each other, our families and you our customers.💖


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