Permanent Makeup

Nikee is a fully-qualified Beauty/Aesthetics practitioner and trained to offer the following permanent makeup procedures.
What makes Nikee different, is that she is also a designer, and passionate about Art & Design. Who better to draw on your most enhanced facial features than a qualified, practising, artist & designer with 25 years professional experience?
Allow me to turn you into your own piece of art by giving you a subtle natural finish,creating a long lasting look to enhance your natural beauty and make your life less hectic in the mornings. Think about the luxury of always waking up to beautifully shaped lips, defined eyes, and perfect eyebrows.

Eyebrows are meant to enhance and define your face, and frame your eyes. Whether your eyebrows are over plucked, thinned with age, or you simply want to make them look better aesthetically, permanent makeup is your answer.
With digital permanent makeup, we use an electronically powered machine and a needle, which is similar to a conventional tattoo, but much less aggressive. I can achieve a wider range of effects with digital permanent makeup such as shading, ombré, and super natural hair strokes.

Lip-liner is an excellent way to enhance the lips, creating volume and symmetry by redefining the outline of the mouth. This treatment is the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age, and transform thin or uneven lips. You could even have a subtle lip blush shading to give your lips the illusion of volume and soften the colour into the lip.
So pucker up and give those gorgeous lips some permanent colour, without having to reapply every few minutes.

What could be more fabulous than eyeliner that is swim proof, shower proof, gym proof and smudge proof? Permanent eye liner can create either a defined, or soft, subtle effect to your natural eye shape, emphasising your eyes and producing a striking effect.
Semi-permanent eyeliner provides a naturally beautiful, look day after day, without the time and hassle of frequent application.
Our eyeliner treatments can be applied to the top, bottom or to both eyelids*, so you can customise your look to suit your style. You can also pick from a selection of fabulous colours, and break away from the traditional black eyeliner option. Why not try blue, green, or even a pearl highlighter?

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