Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening dental treatment at Forever Young Lounge, Lee on the Solent.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a safe an effective way to give you a bright and radiant smile in a short, 60 minute procedure, as per the image to the left.

At Forever Young Lounge we offer TWO types of treatments
– Our in-surgery teeth whitening system which give instant results
– A professional home Teeth Whitening kits that produce a gradual whitening effect over a two week period.

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In-surgery teeth whitening is a rapid, light-activated system that can improve the colour of your teeth by several shades in just over an hour. During the procedure your gums and lips are first protected with barriers and gel is applied to your teeth. This gel is activated by the Zoom lamp which gently bleaches your teeth. The process is repeated and fresh gel is reapplied every 15 minutes for a total treatment time of 60 minutes.
During the procedure patients can relax, listen to music; some become so relaxed that they sleep! After the treatment your teeth will look several shades whiter and you can immediately return to your everyday activities.
** All in surgery packages include a professional home teeth-whitening kit with custom made trays to help you maintain the program at home.

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In addition to the in-surgery treatments we offer professional home teeth-whitening kits. We provide you with custom trays and professional grade gel. You complete the simple home treatment daily for 14 days, or until your teeth gradually reach the desired colour.

Whitening Fridays at Forever Young Lounge, Lee on the Solent.

Whitening Fridays!
Teeth whitening must be prescribed by a Dentist but can be carried about by a Dental hygienist/therapist. At Forever Young Lounge our in-house Dentist can examine patients to ensure they are dentally-fit, before undergoing a course of treatment. This happens on Fridays throughout the month.

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