Anxious Child Clean & Check

Anxious child appointments at Forever Young Lounge, Lee on the Solent.

Anxious Child Appointment
Here at Forever Young Lounge we understand that visiting the dentist can be a scary experience and we are on a mission to change that! If you or your child are anxious about the dentist, come and see Becky, our experienced Dental Hygienist/therapist for a friendly chat.

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Becky has many years experience of treating children and nervous patients of all ages so is the perfect person to give someone their introduction into the world of dentistry! Your child can ask as many questions as they like, have a go in the dental chair, and look at the equipment. As a fully qualified Dental Therapist, Becky can carry out any necessary dental treatment on children if required.

For further details of any dental treatments, please pop into the lounge for a friendly and confidential chat with one of our staff members or CONTACT us. Ready to start? Let’s go! Visit our BOOKINGS page.
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