We are Finalists….

Today we received the fabulous news that we have been chosen as one of ‘The Professional Beauty Awards 2022’ Finalists. Sadly we were not all together to hear the news but we called Charlene immediatly to let her know. This year has been a very hard year for us, what with my leg not healing,Continue reading “We are Finalists….”

Black Friday

We hope you all managed to grab a bargain on this very special day. I know our children were all hyped about it, staying up untill midnight to try and get a deal to die for🙄. If you have seen our Black Friday Offer and managed to get yourself booked in, we are very pleased.Continue reading “Black Friday”



Schools Out….and then its all down to Bex.

As we all do, i was so looking forward to the summer holidays with the kids.Camping However due to a small mishap that was not meant to be🙄 First day of our holiday in the New Forest i had a small accident in the river.Hollands woods This was quite devestating as my 3 babes wereContinue reading “Schools Out….and then its all down to Bex.”