The OligoScan technology allows us to make a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of our patients. 

The measurement is made directly in our office with a portable spectrophotometer device approved by OligoScan. The collected data from our patient is sent to the secure central  server within a few clicks. And within 20 seconds, we get the results back.

This test is a revolutionary technique to check the mineral status of our patients in real time.  For a health care provider, it allows us to know the most efficient supplementation that would maximize the nutritional benefits for our patients. In case of heavy metal toxicity, we can advise supplements and/or lifestyle changes.

OligoScan is the most innovative testing methodology with the fastest turn around of results available anywhere in the world.  The technology is an invaluable screening tool for actual tissue levels of minerals as opposed to other testing which is only indicative of what is being pulled out of that particular vector.  Together with the urine, fecal, hair and blood measurements, the Oligoscan result transforms the information we have analogous to a 2 dimensional picture and turns it into a 3 dimensional holographic projection within which we can now practically interact.

The data is invaluable and makes for a very precious prevention tool allowing for a longitudinal follow-up of our patients’ mineral status, key mineral ratios, heavy metal levels, mobilization of those metals and overall oxidative stress.