Schools Out….and then its all down to Bex.

As we all do, i was so looking forward to the summer holidays with the kids.Camping However due to a small mishap that was not meant to be🙄 First day of our holiday in the New Forest i had a small accident in the river.Hollands woods

Our 1 day holiday 🤣
Dj was gutted he had to go home. He had missed the Forest through lock down
Hubby & Me before it went Pete Tong

This was quite devestating as my 3 babes were there. However Willow my eldest being more bossy than me took control and got everything organised and sorted.

7 years ago when i had my son DJ as an old lady 🤣 i made the most of having what i thought was going to be my last bit of gas and air…… little did i know it would not be. Needless to say i once again made the most of it in my ambulance journey. https://www.scas.nhs.uk/

The ambulance service once again as it was my second trip in an ambulance in hampshire, were amazing. Anyway, the next few hours shall we say were non existant to me.

So my summer plans changed from being with my babes to meeting new friends and some great nurses in Southampton General. Due to the unusual damage i had done, Pilon Fracture…. “normally from a high impact motorcycle or car accident, not falling into the river” i had to wait 8 days before they could operate.leg up pic.

Yey first food in 48hrs
my leg looks great from that angle, wot no cellulite
well what can i say, i dont do cake. However since the accident ive turned into a cake monster 🤣
Pilon Fracture Tibia & Fibula

I can not complain, i had a relaxed time in hospital, met some lovely people and had great food…. yep amazing..yummy salad pic

So whilst i was resting, our amazing Bex @bexandnikee was holding the fort back home bless her. Not only was she looking after my clients, hers and her 4 children and hubby. She also got busy in the Lounge….. Watch this space is all i can say. So many new exciting things are coming to Forever Young Lounge. So i just want you all to know how amazing our poor exhausted Bex is and thank her for not giving up on me ❤

Thank Goodness for our Bex

8 weeks later, 5 of those weeks not allowed to move 🤪 and if you new me well that is very difficult for me… However i think those amazing drugs they gave me must have helped. So 8 weeks later and an update consultation & Xray im still not allowed to put my foot down. Well a good job i have Berty my bugg. School runs, and a couple of village trips… there is no way im staying put.

First School pick up

So tonight i had my first trial treatment, Crutches were waiting for me @bexandnikee michelle my customer was in stitches when she saw me arriving on little Berty. But we did it, Lovely Non Surgical Facelift, Im Back.

Michelle & Me

Obviously my working hours for treatments will be shortened, but im trying this new Blog thing so maybe i can help increase our followers by talking to you all🤣 Just be aware i am Dyslexic so apologies for any upside down or back to fronts it doesnt make me a bad or incompetant person, it just makes reading for you more interesting 🙃😉

So my final paragraph i would like to say, the only bonus of being in hospital is that it meant Ryan, Bex’s husband was able to get on in the Lounge without me Mrs bossy control freak with artistic tendancies getting in the way. It looks absolutly amazing although we have a little one legged painting to do, which should be interesting. We look forward to seeing you and thank you so much for those customers i left for being understanding 🥰. We hope you will pop in soon to see all Bex & Ryans hard work and meet our lovely new member Charlene who will be offering gorgeous Lash extensions and nails and more.

Lash Extensions

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little blogg, i will sign off ok

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