Charlene’s 1st Day

Bex & I would like to welcome the lovely Charlene. Our team is very important to us as we want to ensure our working environment is professional, friendly, supportive and fun. We also want to ensure our customers have a wonderful experience whoever they visit at the lounge. Charlene had a fabulous first day and …

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I am so proud to have been able to enjoy the celebrations in Lee-on-Solent this weekend. Coming from a Forces background i really appreciate and understand what all these men and ladies have done for us as a country. I also know what they have sacrifised past and present. Today is the 75th anniversary of …


Schools Out….and then its all down to Bex.

As we all do, i was so looking forward to the summer holidays with the kids.Camping However due to a small mishap that was not meant to be🙄 First day of our holiday in the New Forest i had a small accident in the river.Hollands woods This was quite devestating as my 3 babes were …

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Mothers Day Offer

So only a few days and it is the wonderful Mothers day for us to thank our lovely mummy’s. We would like to offer you a great Mothers Day Voucher for a Red Carpet Icey Globe Facial & a glass of Prosecco in our lovely lounge plus a goodie bag containing some great Pharmaceutical Topical …

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Composite Bonding

Do you have part of your tooth or teeth missing? Let us help get in touch to have a free consultation on how we are able to bring back the smile you wish for.

Dental Hygiene & Aesthetics Ltd

Although we are in very scary times, Bex and I are so lucky to have each other. We love to bounce ideas around. We have some great plans in the pipeline, and cant wait to share them.

Maintaining Well-Being Through Stressful Times

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Vitamin infusions at Forever Young.

Can nutrient therapy boost your energy?

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Food intolerance testing – is it worth it?

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