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Forever Young Lounge offers some of the best non-invasive anti-ageing treatments for men and women in Hampshire and West Sussex. Treatments include Non-surgical Face lifts, Dermal Fillers, Lip Fillers, Jowl Fillers, Botox Anti-wrinkle injections, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, Aqualyx Fat Dissolving, Laser Hair Removal, Cellulite Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Skin Tags, Thread Viens, Wrinkles, Weak Chin and face and body skin tightening  and more. 


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Dentistry –Prevention is always better than applying the treatment when the disease is already installed.

In comparison to a dentist, the dental hygienist/Therapist is the expert who will evaluate your oral health and apply preventive treatment and also offer valuable advice on how to maintain a healthy diet..

The dental hygienists working at Foreveryoung has the necessary expertise and experience to offer advanced preventive care. Our scope is to help our patients have healthier gums and live longer without other dental problems. As well as doing all the Hygiene work the dental therapist can also carry out some dental procedures that patients are more used to a dentist doing. A dental therapist can do fillings, extract ‘baby’ teeth, place preformed crowns on baby teeth and do treatments using all the materials a dentist would use. As long as an adult tooth does not need treatment to the nerve of the tooth, a dental therapist can fill or restore any part of the tooth that needs treatment. They do not do restorations, such as crowns, to adult teeth.

Semi-Permanent Makeup –Semi permanent make up is the answer and I will endeavour to give you the brows, eye liner & lip blush that you couldn’t live without…. Fully insured, licensed, and qualified.

We specialise in semi permanent make up also known as Micropigmentation, Microblading and eyebrow Tattoo. Prior to a career in semi permanent make up I worked as a designer so ensuring your permanent makeup is perfect is paramount to me.

If permanent makeup is not for you we also offer other beauty options which can give you the same effect however they will not be permanent these treatments include Brow Lamination and Henna Brows  these will both enhance your eyes and face and give you fuller looking brows.

Beauty  –Why leave it at your Brows, here at Forever young Lounge we can also help you achieve Lashes to die for, our eyelash treatments range from Eyelash Tinting, Lash Lifts to Eyelash Extensions such as Volume lashes, Classic Lashes, Hybrid Lashes or just half lashes and infills we are fully equipped and ready to help your eyes sparkle, give you elongated lashes  and let your beauty shine though.



 Aesthetics –At Foreveryoung Lounge we specialises in Facial Aesthetics, Anti-ageing treatments and facial Augmentation. We are fully qualified and insured to offer you the best treatments available from Radio Frequency, IPL Laser, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, Plasma and Non-Surgical Facelifts. Bex our fully qualified injector will be more than happy to talk you through any of the processes and the different Fillers, Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle ‘B’ Injections we use for: lip fillers, cheek, chin, jaw, tear trough and nose Augmentation .

Dermal Fillers can fill out certain areas of the face. Improving dark circles under the eyes, given plumper Lips, Better cheek bones, better jaw line.

Anti-Aging B’ Injections Helps as a way of Reducing and removing wrinkles in and around the face.

Just a few of the Treatments we offer, Dental, Facial Aesthetics, Fillers, Semi-permanent makeup,

Eyebrow restoration, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, IPL Laser, Pigment Removal, Non Surgical Facelifts, Fat Dissolving Injections such as Aqualyx and much more….

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