Hair Regrowth


Micro-needling therapy involves the creation of thousands of tiny holes in the skin’s surface. The benefits of micro-needling are twofold. Firstly, these micro-wounds signal that the skin has been injured, which provokes a healing response, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. Secondly, microneedling creates tiny pores on the skin’s surface that allow for optimal absorption of topically applied medications or serums.

Hair loss is something that affects millions of people around the world. This condition can cause a great deal of stress to both men and women. Thick, healthy hair is associated with youth and vitality so when your hair starts to thin, it can be quite distressing. Fortunately, there are many effective treatments available, many of which are offered in our Lounge located at the lovely seaside village of Lee-on-the-Solent,

Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss can occur due to the reduction of growth follicle cycles as a result of hormonal changes, stress, pregnancy or just the passage of time as well as external factors.

Using the unique c.prof hair loss cocktail with micro-needling improves micro-circulation and increases nutrient supply to the follicles. Results have shown hair becoming stronger, more resistant, with increased density.

Stages of Hair Loss

This treatment is designed to slow down hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles and blood flow to the area with a combination of conditioning and revitalising active ingredients:
Copper Tripeptide-1
a hair growth factor that promotes vascularisation around the hair follicle and enriches it;
Vitamin-B complex
(containing Dexpanthenol and Biotin) which revitalises, conditions and moisturises the skin and hair;
increases the number of hair follicles and prolongs the growth phase during the transition from anagen to telogen;
which increases blood flow in the scalp.

Stages of hair loss

Hair goes through growth and rest phases

1.  Anagen:
active hair growth (2-8 years)

2.  Catagen:
involution (4-6 weeks)

3.  Telogen:

rest (2-3 months)

Microneedling is also known as DermaPen or Collagen Induction Therapy, microneedling works by making multiple tiny pinpricks in the skin. As the skin repairs, it uses the infused cocktail to build new collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid), resulting in tighter, plumper and healthier skin.

While microneedling is mostly used on the face, it can also be used to treat acne scarring, other light scarring, stretch marks and skin pigmentation elsewhere on the body and for Hair Loss.