Crystal Facial                                                                           £70 | 45-60 Mins

Breakout Control, Resurfacing & Anti Ageing

Suitable for: All skin types, congested, pigmented. 

Includes: Double Cleanse, Steam & Extract, High Frequency, Intensive purifying mask that Exfoliates and cleans the pore to prevent and reduce imperfections, Light Therapy Finishing with SPF 50.

Dermaplane Treatment                                                             £50 | 40 Mins

Ultimate Glow, Resurfacing & Anti Ageing

Suitable for: Most skin types – not acneic skins or broken/irritated skins.

Includes: Double Cleanse, Dermaplane, invigorating amploule Finishing with SPF 50.

Bespoke Treatment                                                 £TBC | 40-120 Mins

Designed to your specific needs

Suitable for You.

Why not arrange a free consultation where we can look at your own personal needs and design a facial that is just for you.

Diamond Facial                                                                     £150 | 60-70 Mins

Ultimate Rejuvinating & Anti Aging Facial

Suitable for: All Skin types-However, it is not for individuals who have heart conditions or pacemakers, are diabetic, have circulation concerns, have metal plates or pins, have had major dental works, braces or are pregnant.

The benefits to receiving a galvanic facial are numerous. Along with hydrating the skin, this facial counteracts complexion dullness brought on by aging or stress, eliminate sebaceous blockage and congestion (major causes of blemishes), increases circulation, and create a healthier glow.

Galvanic facials are also a good anti-aging treatment for those who want a fresher look because they are non-invasive and aim at tightening and firming the skin and softening lines and wrinkles, resulting n a plumper, smoother look.

Includes: Double Cleanse,  Galvanic treatment that cleans the pores followed by boosting Active ingredients deeper into the layers of the skin, Light Therapy, Icey Globes Massage Finishing with SPF 50.

Bespoke Facial