Welcome to our FAQ – our most commonly asked questions at Forever Young, answered for your convenience. Don’t see yours? Drop us a line!

Q. Is a chemical peel right for me?
Chemical peels can be used to treat a wide range of skin complaints including wrinkles, fine lines, acne, acne scarring, age spots, enlarged pores, dark areas, and sun damaged skin. This treatment is ideal if you are looking to quite literally give your skin a fresh start.

Q. Is ‘Botox’ the only option for people who want to get rid of their wrinkles?
Not at all, there are several options. It maybe that Dermal fillers, Chemical peels, or Mesotherapy and Microneedling are possible alternatives for you. You will have a full consultation before any treatment which will determine which treatment is most suitable for you.

Q. Does Tooth whitening damage the enamel?
Teeth whitening gel will not damage or harm your enamel, though whitening products can cause temporary tooth sensitivity while you are whitening your teeth.

Q. How long does tooth whitening last?
Tooth whitening is not permanent. It can last from a few months to up to 3 years. This varies from person to person. The whitening effect won’t last as long if you smoke, drink red wine, tea or coffee; all of which stain your teeth. Once you have whitened your teeth once you can just ‘top up’ at home with some additional gel when and if, you feel your teeth need it.

Q. How safe are Dermal fillers?
Dermal fillers are a safe and effective, minimally invasive procedure. Aside from their natural appearance when injected, they can be dissolved by a special solution in case of an adverse effect or if the person dislikes the appearance.

Q. What can I expect from my Dental Hygiene appointment?
Each patient is treated as an individual so your appointment will be tailored to your needs and concerns. These may vary from a gum health assessment, professional scale and polish, advice on home care products, dietary, smoking cessation and any bad breath issues.

Q. How often do I need to see a Dental Hygienist?
At Forever Young we strongly believe in a preventative approach to oral health and regular visits to your hygienist. We regularly monitor your gum health and initially your appointments may vary (typically between monthly to 6 monthly). The interval between visits is extended as your gum and teeth become healthier.

Q. My gums bleed after I brush, is this something to worry about?
This is not normal and should not be ignored. It is very likely a sign of gum disease that may lead to you losing some or all of your teeth if left untreated. The good news is that we can help get your gums back to health.

Q. My FAQ is not on this page. Can I email you?
Of course. You can send us a message via our CONTACT page.

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