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Hi I am Nic

Hi I am Bex


I started my professional Career after qualifying at Bournemouth University in Design & Manufacture with a 2:1 grade. I have always had a passion for Art & Design and love being creative. I joined Huhtamaki as an engineer moving onto the position of Design Manager. 

A few years later my addiction and passion for jewellery led me to opening my jewellers in Lee on Solent where I designed and manufactured bespoke pieces. Sadly I became ill and had to eventually close the shop.

The new road ahead led me to where Bex & I are today. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Functional Neurological disorder and many other issues the doctors could not help me with. 

Being trained as an engineer I could not accept that the body just stops working, I had always had a passion for fitness, Yoga and use to run half marathons. I was now unable to walk for the school run or even go upstairs to clean my teeth, I was always asking myself why?

My part in Forever Young was to continue my passion for art and therefore I trained to become a Permanent Make Up artist and Skin Specialist so I could offer you our clients the opportunity to stay looking defined. I also wanted to help others who were suffering with chronic illness and were also not getting any answers and support they needed to live life. So we trained in Phlebotomy, IV Therapy and Functional Medicine as well as Ancient Yoga and other holistic therapies.

Life is for living, not just getting by. I am proud of myself that at the age of nearly 50 I have taken a path that will hopefully keep me around longer to enjoy my family, but I am more proud of the fact that my children know no matter what hurdles are put in front of you, you can get over them and never give up

With over 20 years professional experience, I have worked in various roles from Dental nurse, to NHS Oral Health educator, and in 2008 graduating from Portsmouth University with a BSc (hons) degree in Dental Hygiene and Therapy. A military wife, I have been fortunate to experience employment in a number of professional and geographical settings in the last 12 years, working in London, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire with exposure to Dental practices from NHS to private and specialist periodontal centres. Since returning to the South coast in 2014 my family are settled in the area and have put down roots in the Lee on Solent.

I am a dedicated practitioner and believes clients should be treated holistically, which has led me to train in facial aesthetics and wellness treatments.

“I believe oral health is a window to a persons general health and feel if we can achieve good stable oral hygiene it will benefit the persons general health and wellbeing.  You cannot underestimate the confidence a healthy smile can give people. Moving into aesthetics and wellness seems a natural progression in order to offer my clients a full package of care. I strongly believe in treating the person not just their teeth!! And this is why I feel opening my own clinic is so important. I’m really excited about offering bespoke treatment to my clients to help them achieve the aesthetic look and sense of wellbeing they aspire to. I am a huge advocate of professional and personal development, and I take great pride to have invested the time to train with the best professors in the field of aesthetic in order to offer first class treatment to my patients in Hampshire.

My vision for Forever Young Dental & Aesthetics Lounge is to create an environment that people from all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable in visiting, from the busy tired parent to the young ambitious professional, from the nervous patient wanting a better smile, to the middle age lady or gent keen to smooth one or two wrinkles that have appeared over time.  We have carefully considered every product and treatment we will offer fully explained within our website and Facebook page, and I am delighted to bring a fresh, unique and vibrant service to Lee on Solent High Street. 

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