Our Veteran

I am so proud to have been able to enjoy the celebrations in Lee-on-Solent this weekend.

Coming from a Forces background i really appreciate and understand what all these men and ladies have done for us as a country. I also know what they have sacrifised past and present.

My Dad ❤ with is companions and his bestie Pete.

The parade was magnificent, gave me goose bumps and made my mum cry. When you have grown up with in a forces family you see first hand what conflict brings.

Fun had by allGreat Atmosphere, Fun had by all i think.


I remember when the Faklands War was on, going to school and first thing in the morning in assembly being told things. I also remember writing in my diary please dont let my daddy go. It was scary and frightening then and we were not being bombed or on rations. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falklands_War

We currently have a serving member within our family @bexandnikee and whilst the men are away, juggling work, 7 kids between us and life amoungst Covid and self isolating is hard work for us ladies 🤪. This is why celebrating the 75th VE DAY was important to us and our children.

Dad Joinning up aged 15
Dad Remembering
Me, mum, marion Florida meeting dad on HMS Illustrious
Dad & Brother thankfully still with us x My family are Lucky
Mum & Dad
The little ones
Nic & Bex
Bex & Charlene

We would like to Thank Jonathan Moore and his team at https://www.facebook.com/LeeBusinessAss/ for all their hard work at organising this event. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The event also gave us the opportunity to promote ourselves as our business is new to the village. It was fantastic to see loads of people enjoying the local businesses especially Marie https://www.facebook.com/LanewayCoffeeLeeOnTheSolent/ she was very busy and probably had sore feet last night🤣

These tables were packed, perfect spot to watch the parade
Our Marie Laneway Coffee

We hope you enjoyed the weekend, and look forward to the next event in Lee.

I will finish with some links to some forces charities. As many of you are aware alot of our forces men and ladies are finding life hard after experiencing some dreadfull things on tour, or having to get use to life without limbs or other disabilities. There are also many homeless which is just not acceptable. I hope these celebrations have reminded you all what our Armed Forces do for us.

Blesma https://blesma.org/https://blesma.org/

This is a charity close to my heart previously known as St.Dunstans as my Dad and many friends have these guys down every year to HMS SULTAN for a week of fun and games and drinking 🙄 Some of them are even 90+. Sadly due to Covid these veterans have not been able to have this week of fun and games. https://www.blindveterans.org.uk/get-involved/events-calendar/

Blind Veterans /St Dunstans

List of all the charities https://www.charitychoice.co.uk/charities/armed-and-ex-services/army

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